Hang-EEZ "No-Ladder" System

The Case Against Ladders. Learn More.
The SAFE way to hang signs from open ceilings.

No Ladder System for open ceilings!

Utilize telescopic pole, gripper and accessories to mount large banners and P.O.P. signs to steel truss, beams, girders, utility risers and piping with ease.

Use either the 18’ or the 24’ sturdy aluminum telescopic pole with Ceramic Magnetic Gripper to elevate the Swivel Hanger with sign to ceiling.

Use the Swivel Hanger to face sign in ANY direction.

How It Works

Screw magnetic Hang-EEZ Gripper to Telescopic pole.

Hang sign material to Swivel Hanger holes and grab Swivel Hanger with Gripper.

Raise sign material and turn swivel “any-which-way” for best sign direction.


For Ceilings or High Windows Click Here to Learn More about Sign-EEZ No-Ladder System

The safe, quick, and easy way to hang signs. No ladders... Ever!

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